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Urban Sessions, a NEW Four-day Festival


A new free festival will turn the Belgian capital into the centre stage of the world's most daring action sports and urban lifestyle.

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Crazy Skate edit


Yesterday Mika van der Gun sent us this awesome edit from footage he made at Skatepark the Moeve in Lier. We needed to share this!

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Oscar Pochet montage


Oscar Pochet was friendly enough to share some awesome footy with us! We couldn't resist to make a little montage! Check out Oscar getting huge airs in some of Belgium's finest skateparks!

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Win This 8.5" sk8dlx deck!


We got a nice giveaway going on on instagram!! Follow us, like our post and show us your current deck for a chance to win!!

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Flobert Engels @ Luxaplast


Some sweet tricks at the Luxaplast skatepark by Flobert Engels.

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Bilzen Park in the making!


After 15 years it's time for a new skatepark in Bilzen!

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Skate safe - Skateboard insurance


You break it, you pay it! Well not anymore, thanks to the insurance from Skateboard.Vlaanderen

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BXL Park in the making!


A first time for everything... like the city of Brussels investing in a proper concrete skatepark! Check it out!

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SML. From Belgium with love


Check out this footage of Sammy Montano and Justin Drysen from a couple summers ago when they visited Youness Amrani and his friends in Hasselt.

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Antwerp's finest Crusty bowl


Check out Oscar Pochet getting some air at this fine bowl!

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ZEHMA 5G / Tshala


Starring: Kevin Tshala - Filmed by: Ruben Vermeulen - Additional filming: Luca Van Driessch - Music: Bill Withers, Lovely Day

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Rough Diamonds


Introducing the byrrrh & skate U13 ROUGH DIAMONDS. This 2 day skate camp couple of weeks ago was epic!!

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FMP2 Presents VIEDZEB - Lotta skateboard leftovers, help yo'self.
- Filmed and edited by Louis Meeus

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10 tricks - Jelle andriessen


"These are my 10 tricks for Belgium Skate media" By Jelle Andriessen. Film and edit By Adrian Ponce

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Vincent - Manny king!


34, still shredding, and king of manuals! We're proud to present this exclusive part from Vincent Vaneeckhaute. Try to keep up on when he's skating regular or switch ;)

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Rotselaar skatepark review


Kenzwoosh rates the the Rotselaar skatepark and holds a small contest!

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Mercury & Ereche


A nice little part from Eres Otte and Frederik Bronckers, the guys behind Stoked Board Academy!

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Karel Janssens at the BoneYard


An amazing part from Karel Janssens at the indoor skatepark 'the BoneYard' in Turnhout! We discovered Karel on instagram and after chatting a bit it was clear to us that this undiscovered talent deserves some time in the spotlight! He does some of the sickest technical tricks, but our favourite is the Fakie Bigger spin!

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Samuel de Graef - Rotterdam Trip


Samuel de Graef goes on a trip to Rotterdam, AND gets a new sponsor! Hell yeah!

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Vote for a new skatepark in Kermt!


The skatepark in Kermt went from bad to worse in the last couple of years. Cast your vote and sign the petition to help the people of Kermt to get a new skatepark!

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Fries Taillieu - Globe Part


Fries Taillieu is originally from Belgium, but now lives in Amsterdam. Fries has put in some serious time skating and travelling alongside some of the best skaters out there. See for yourself!

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Diest Skatepark - Ty Prowant


A highlight of Diest skatepark. Ty says "it's his favourite skatepark in Belgium so far". Also check out the nice game of SKATE!

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Park Sessions and Street Skating


What happens when you roll with a crew 30-deep to Belgium on a massive skate mission? This somewhat older video from Red Bull is still worth watching! Enjoy a few minutes of prime shredding from some of skating's rawest talent.

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Ty Prowant at Genk Skatepark


Ty Prowant goes to Genk Skatepark and does a huge shoutout for Skatespots Belgium :)

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Samuel de Graef Skatevlog #10


Check out this cool video from Samuel de Graef! You'll see some sick tricks on a broken deck, a sesh in Rotselaer, and last but not least a session at the new skatepark in Diest!

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Yannick Smolders - Local Park


While waiting for his 'Destroyer' part, here's some footage from Yannick at his local park!

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Ty Prowant at Tessenderlo Skatepark


Ty Prowant visits Tessenderlo Skatepark and has a talk with some of the local heroes there!

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ACAB in Antwerp


A masterpiece by Crustyfish Cam (Ellis Ekkart) at the finest skate spots in Antwerp.

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Ty Prowant Visits Hasselt skatepark


Check out this cool video from Ty Prowant visiting our local skatepark in Hasselt! Quoting Ty: "It would totally be worth a 4 hour drive in my opinion" Hell yeah!

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Axel Cruysberghs Kinked Rail Mayhem


Check out some awesome raw footage from Axel "Crusher" Cruysberghs: Kinked Rail Mayhem - Into The Pit

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Youness Amrani - "Comfort Zone"


You've probably seen this part because it's about a year old already. But we wanted to highlight it again because Youness filmed this project completely in Belgium.

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RAION: 'Lo Siento'


February 2020, pre-corona. A bunch of Belgian misfits go on a 10 day trip to Barcelona... This is their story.

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Hell Yeah 2020


Take a look at this cool short video by Warchild Skateboards, a Belgian skate brand, and Da Smats productions.

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Talent from Hasselt!


Check out this short video from Gilles Lizin. Since we're not able to go skate these days, Gilles decided to post some of his clips!

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Jarne Verbruggen "Professional Life"


For those who haven't seen it yet, here it is! Jarne Verbruggen's Professional Life Part. Check it out!

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Win a set of sk8dlx wheels!


We got a nice giveaway going on on instagram!! Follow us, share our post and tell us why you need some wheels for a chance to win!!

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Best trick contest winner


Our first "Best trick" contest is over! Check out the winning trick from Yannick Smolders!

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Sk8dlx best trick contest


The first results of our SK8DLX Best trick contest are in! Check out who's leading our contest to win an amazing prize! It's not too late just yet! You have until the end of the day to enter! Check it out!

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Best trick contest!


We've got an awesome prize package to give away, powered by Skatedeluxe! Check out how to win!

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Inside Belgium Skate Media


Here in Belgium we all know BSM for their awesome video content about skateboarding. We were wondering how they operated, and why they do what they do. We had a Talk with Adrian, Owner, editor and camera operator at BSM. Check it out!

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We have a winner!


Our SK8DLX - Most original photo contest is over! Check out the winning shot from @young_photosbe!

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Instagram SK8DLX Photo contest!


The first results are in! Check out who's leading our contest to win an amazing prize! It's not too late just yet! You have until February 28th to enter! Check it out!

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Win a SK8DLX 8.5" FLOW deck!


We've got an awesome new prize to give away, powered by Skatedeluxe! Check out how to win!

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Skate Fest Hemiksem 2020


In 2020 organiseert de vrijetijdsdienst van Hemiksem samen met Stoked Boardshop een skate contest.

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Interview with Eres Otte


When we visited Stoked Boardshop a while ago, we had the chance to do an interview with Stoked Board Academy instructor Eres Otte. Check out the video! (NL)

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Ready for SD fest 2020?


3 days filled with skateboarding contests for everyone! Be there!

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Instagram giveaway!


Head over to our Instagram page! We got a nice giveaway going on there! Follow us, share our post and tag 3 friends for a chance to win!!

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We have a winner!


Our first "Best skate photo" contest is over! Check out the winning shot from Mauro De Pril!

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Instagram Best skate photo contest!


The first results are in! Check out who's leading our contest to win an amazing prize! It's not too late just yet! You have until January 15th to enter! Check it out!

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Raphael Detienne is leaving Belgium.


Raphael Detienne will be leaving Belgium during february, flying to his new life in Canada! But before leaving us he has a brand new Kaaf Movie part to show you all, the perfect occasion to make a last party together !

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Vote for a skatepark in Anzegem


We heard that the youth of Anzegem was promised a skatepark! Our opinion: get rid of those Petanque courts and build a nice concrete park!!

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Skate & Create @ skatepark De veiling


On December 29th you can go to Skatepark De Veiling in Oostende for the Skate & Create event! Although the focus is on skateboarding, this is an event for the whole family! Contest, food, drinks, music, animation,...
Be there!

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Opening indoor skatepark in Hasselt


Just a little more patience... Finally there'll be a new indoor skatepark in Hasselt. HOEK 8 will be opening its doors on December 21st! Location: Bootstraat, 3500 Hasselt - Entrance: FREE!

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We've teamed up with Stoked Boardshop


Stoked is one of the coolest boardshops in Belgium! And - in our opinion - one of the best online players in the industry! Thank god for that! because traffic is a pain in the ass around there! Although it's totally worth the trip: Super friendly guys, awesome skateshop, and their own brand rocks! We're very proud to have Stoked as our first official partner!

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Take skateboard lessons in Hasselt


Are you new to skateboarding? Or maybe you want to improve your skills? In Hasselt at the Kapermolen skatepark you can take skateboarding lessons every weekend!

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What do you think of the new Skatespots website?


Our new website is online for a few weeks already! May we brag? :) We love how it turned out! But we're not building it for ourselves of course! We love to hear what YOU think! Our goal is not just to create an online directory, but to develop a mighty cool platform for the skateboarding community!

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