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Diest Skatepark - Ty Prowant

Posted by Davy Meykens on 2020-06-29

A highlight of Diest skatepark. Ty says "it's his favourite skatepark in Belgium so far". Also check out the nice game of SKATE!

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Skatepark de Warande, Diest

"It was go skateboarding day and I was in Belgium and I wanted to enjoy skateboarding a new park so I drove down to Diest where a brand new skatepark was just built a few weeks ago. This is my favorite park to come and skateboard in Belgium because it is a medium sized street park with an insane amount of flow. It being brand new means that all of the surfaces are fresh and as smooth as it will every be. This skate spot is 100% worth even a 4 hour drive. I was able to land so many new tricks here in Diest.

The local skateboarders who showed up for go skate day also challenged us to a game of skate and it was awesome. I also broke my board off doing my boneless air to coffin on the long quarter pipe wall in the back. I came back two days later and was able to finally land my nollie big heel flip up the bank in the back."

-Ty Prowant

Check out more details about this skatepark here.

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