Opening indoor skatepark in Hasselt

Posted by Davy Meykens on 2019-12-09

Just a little more patience... Finally there'll be a new indoor skatepark in Hasselt. HOEK 8 will be opening its doors on December 21st! Location: Bootstraat, 3500 Hasselt - Entrance: FREE!

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Finally a new indoor skatepark in Limburg!

After the old indoor skatepark in Hasselt closed years ago, there weren't much possibilities for indoor skateboarding in Limburg... Until now! Skatepark Hoek 8 will open its doors at the end of this month, and the entrance will be free of charge! The city of Hasselt itself will support the initiative by intervening in the rental price for the location, and by supporting the construction of new devices.

The park

We don't know much about the details of the park yet. On the photo we can see a nice wooden miniramp, and we assume the rest of the park will be built in wood as well... As it should be! :) This skatepark wil be one of kind, so we're confident it will attract skaters from all around Limburg! Of course there will be lots of possibilities for as well beginners as advanced skaters.

Hoek 8 will be be operated by the skaters themselves, together with the youth service, and the Muziekodroom which is in the same building.

More info coming soon!

Photos: © Sven Dillen

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