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Posted by Davy Meykens, for Skateboard.Vlaanderen on 2021-02-25

You break it, you pay it! Well not anymore, thanks to the insurance from Skateboard.Vlaanderen

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Skateboard Insurance

Bam Margera once said skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly. The chances of you falling and hurting yourself is real. because skateboarding is considered a sport with a high risk of injury, a normal type of insurance often does not cover the medical costs when you hurt yourself while skating. Just because of that Skateboard.Vlaanderen has come up with an insurance especially for skateboarders.

What? Why? How?

Skateboard.Vlaanderen offers a very specific insurance for skateboarders. And you don't have to worry about the price! You're fully covered for EUR19 per year.

While skateboarding, your chances are higher you get injured. A normal type of insurance often doesn't cover medical costs for injuries that happen while skateboarding. But that's not all! What if you accidentally do some damage to that special bench in town you love to grind? Skateboard.Vlaanderen has got you covered!

Very simple! Just visit Skateboard.Vlaanderen, check out the details, and sign up to become a member for just EUR19 per year.

Don't take a risk! Skate safe!

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