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Is the Belgian skateboarding scene your target audience? Then you've come to the right place! Skatespots.be was founded in 2007 and was taken over in November 2019. Even though Scooter kids, inliners and BMX'ers may be interested in our content as well, we focus on skateboarding. Why? Because skateboarding is our passion! The goal of skatespots.be is not only to provide the information of skateparks and spots. We're also creating a vibrant community with the core values of skateboarding as the main focus. Our goal is to preserve and highlight the skateboarding lifestyle, and to bring wonderful experiences for everyone in it!

Want to team up?

We're open to any possible collaborations, as long as your values and ours are a match! have an idea? Let us know! Mail us at skatespotsbelgium‌@‌‌gma‌il.com

Want to advertise?

If you're looking to reach the Belgian (and European) skaters, then our website might be something for you. With an average of 3.500 highly engaged users every month (and rising), you'll be able to reach exactly your target audience. We offer several cost-effective advertising possibilities such as bannering, branded content, social media contests, etc...

Do wish to receive more information? Feel free to contact us at skatespots‌belgium‌@‌‌gma‌il.com.

Want to support us?

We're working very hard on our platform and we intend to keep it growing and improving! Therefore all donations, feedback, shoutouts, etc... are very welcome! Every donation is immediately put back into the project. It may be used for organising events, for development costs, for the creation of a Skatespots app, etc. We have a lot of ideas! :)

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