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Skatespots Belgium EST. 2019

Let us tell you how this story began for us… Me and my buddy were skating at the local park in Zonhoven when suddenly it starts raining 🤢. Of course we didn’t want to stop yet, so we started searching online for a nice indoor spot within an acceptable distance.

None, literally none, zero, null, nada results! We ended up at a “dry spot” I knew where I used to live in Riemst. While skating there we talked about how nice it was that I remembered that spot, and we thought about how cool it would be to be able to find and share more spots like that. Well, we stumbled upon the old skatespots.be and got in touch with the owner. Since November 2019 Skatespots.be is ours and we’re bringing it back to life! 🔥🔥🔥

📷 Check out this cool photo we made at that spot. This is absolutely one of my favourite photo’s! It’s just a kickflip... but it looks so cool because of the location!

This photo represents our start with Skatespots.be

about skatespotsbelgium — Davy Meykens
— Denny Garzon

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