Ty Prowant Visits Hasselt skatepark

Posted by Davy Meykens on 2020-06-09

Check out this cool video from Ty Prowant visiting our local skatepark in Hasselt! Quoting Ty: "It would totally be worth a 4 hour drive in my opinion" Hell yeah!

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Kapermolen skatepark Hasselt

"I made a reservation for this skatepark online. Even though the park is massive and probably the biggest park in Belgium, they have a capacity of 20 people. (due to the measures against the Corona virus)

This is a massive street park with a huge bowl in the middle. If you enjoy street skating stuff like stairs and ledges then this going to be a great place where you could challenge your skateboard prowess. The skate scene is great and the locals are so welcoming. It would totally be worth a 4 hour drive in my opinion. The ground itself is a little bit rough and will leave your hands raw in some places. I heard it was built over 10 years ago. The locals told me that this local park is home to Almost Pro Skateboarder Youness Amrani."

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