We've teamed up with Stoked Boardshop

Posted by Davy Meykens on 2019-12-04

Stoked is one of the coolest boardshops in Belgium! And - in our opinion - one of the best online players in the industry! Thank god for that! because traffic is a pain in the ass around there! Although it's totally worth the trip: Super friendly guys, awesome skateshop, and their own brand rocks! We're very proud to have Stoked as our first official partner!

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About Stoked Boardshop

As a skateboarder you're obviously looking for the best material, shoes and clothes, at a fair price. Stoked Boardshop has selected, tested and approved the "chillest" board and street brands for you. Furthermore they provide free delivery, don't bother about returns and they only sell products that they 100% support themselves.

Even cooler is that Stoked has it's own brand "Stoked Board Co", providing clothing and equipment for as well snow- as skateboarding. All high quality products at affordable prices. You want to visit the store? Go check it out in Halle on the Auguste Demaeghtlaan 74!

Our trip to the shop

Leaving from Hasselt, you'd say it's about a one and a half hour drive... Well, we couldn't be more wrong! We were stuck in traffic, making it 3 hours to get there. But the trip was worth it! Pieter-Willem, The owner of the store, and Eres from the Stoked Board Academy welcomed us even though the shop was closed at the time we arrived. We had a great talk about their vision on skateboarding, we told them all about our plans with Skatespots, and it didn't take long to realise there was some kind of a match. These guys were really into our project, and we were really impressed about all they have accomplished with the shop, the brand, and the academy. We quickly began to discuss some possibilities and we have some really nice shit coming up!

The collab

Well... We can't give you all the details just yet! But what we can say is that the guys from Stoked - as well the shop as the academy - are going to play a major role in the growth of our community. Some are even whispering that there's stuff to win...

Stay tuned! More is coming very soon :)

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