What do you think of the new Skatespots website?

Posted by Davy Meykens on 2019-11-25

Our new website is online for a few weeks already! May we brag? :) We love how it turned out! But we're not building it for ourselves of course! We love to hear what YOU think! Our goal is not just to create an online directory, but to develop a mighty cool platform for the skateboarding community!

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How it began...

Let us tell you how this story began for us. Me and my buddy were skating at the local park in Zonhoven when suddenly it starts raining. Of course we didn't want to stop yet, so we started searching online for a nice indoor spot within an acceptable distance. None, literally none, zero, null, nada results! We ended up at a "dry spot" I knew where I used to live in Riemst. While skating there we talked about how nice it was that I remembered that spot, and we thought about how cool it would be to be able to find and share more spots like that. Well, we stumbled upon the old skatespots website and got in touch with the owner. Now Skatespots is ours and we're bringing it back to life!

The place that triggered us...

Check out this cool photo we made at that spot. This is absolutely one of my favourite photo's! It's just a kickflip... but it looks so cool because of the location!

This photo represents our start with Skatespots.be

Where we're at

So, what have we improved so far? We can tell you that the look 'n feel of the website had a huge update. The old lay-out dated from 2009 and wasn't even responsive yet. So we rolled up our sleeves and started working. Here's what we did:

  • Website redesign
  • better usability
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Got rid of non working pages
  • Added the possibility to add photo's
  • Filter on Outdoor/Indoor

But we're not there yet!

Of course we don't stop here. We're continuously working on improving the website, and adding new functionalities. In the next phase we'll be working on user registrations and social media integrations. And of course we'll be adding and updating the parks and spots as well!

What do YOU think?? We love to hear your opinion! Any suggestions, tips, or spots to be added? Drop us a line :)

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