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Inside Belgium Skate Media

Posted by Davy Meykens on 2020-03-10

Here in Belgium we all know BSM for their awesome video content about skateboarding. We were wondering how they operated, and why they do what they do. We had a Talk with Adrian, Owner, editor and camera operator at BSM. Check it out!

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As a visitor of the BSM website it's quite clear: You go there to watch skateboarding videos related to our beloved country Belgium :) That's super cool of course. We had a talk with Adrian about why he started this website, and here's what he said:

What's the philosophy behind BSM?

"The philosophy behind BSM you can say it's very simple... we do this because we love skateboarding and spread the word, easy as that. BSM doesn't try to compete with other websites like Thrasher or Berrics (just to mention something) or being like them, we like them and respect them as well. But what BSM does is work locally and support the local scene. We share videos and photos of Belgian skaters, or other skaters who come to Belgium. You know what I mean? If it's related with Belgium and skateboarding, it's something interesting for us."

Who makes the videos?

"We do our best to create our own original content every time possible, but we also share content created by others. In the first years it was just me behind the camera and editing, but nowadays I have the good help from Carlos Manuel, always working hard. Thanks to him I can take care of the photos and Carlos focuses on the videos.

About the videos made by others, normally it's me who hunting them online but nowadays a lot of guys send their own videos in. We can't share every video but I try to. BSM is not looking just for perfectly well made videos with PRO skaters, we try to support everybody, but we are trying to keep a level and build an interesting site for everybody. But yeah, every submission is always welcome."

What are your plans with BSM for the future?

"The plan is just to keep going with it, working hard but having fun as should be and doing our best pushing the local scene. To be present in most of the skate events possible as always and try to go out to skate more often with local skaters. Sometimes it's hard because we have jobs and family, but we are always trying to find the right time to do it. Hopefully we can find the support from new sponsors as well soon to help the cause.
Also, there is a big chance to re-build the BSM website and make it even more responsive, because the platform I use is kind of old and every time more messy to post. So, hopefully this happens soon or late, our visitors deserve it!"

Last but not least: What do you have to keep in mind when submitting a video to BSM?

"As I said earlier, BSM is not looking just for perfectly well made videos and we try to support everybody. But we also need to to keep it interesting for everybody. Some of the things we keep in mind are the quality of the video (no fuzzy or super shaky clips), the quality and technic of filming and edit, and of course the level and originality of the skater and tricks. The videos do not have to count with all those elements, but at least some of them. Original and new spots are always a plus :)"

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