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Posted by Davy Meykens on 2019-11-27

Are you new to skateboarding? Or maybe you want to improve your skills? In Hasselt at the Kapermolen skatepark you can take skateboarding lessons every weekend!

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KPM Skate

The goal of KPM Skate is to share their passion for skateboarding to the widest possible audience. They have 6 skilled teachers who all have a different yet highly professional approach on the sport. It doesn't matter how old you are or on what level you skate. For example: the youngest skaters may count on a fun and playful approach. The older, more advanced skateboarders get to see more of the technical stuff. Anyone can skate and KPM is there to help!

The lessons

There are 4 different categories in the KPM group. These categories are based on age and skill. This way KPM can offer a differentiated approach where the kids can grow on their own speed within the group. KPM Skate always challenges the skaters, trying to push their boundaries. Besides the technical parts of skateboarding, some of the most valued aspects at KPM are respect, perseverance, friendship and creativity.


  • Beginner: 5 - 8 y/o
  • Intermediate: 8 - 11 y/o
  • Advanced: 11+
  • Adult: 18+


The lessons take place at the Kapermolen skatepark in Hasselt. Of course we skaters hate the rain! But in case the weather doesn't allow the lessons to go through at the park, a nearby indoor location will be reserved.


Visit KPM    or check Kapermolen skatepark

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