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Rampaffairz, Wevelgem     VALIDATED 

tape Rampaffairz

Skatespot info

location icon Vlamingstraat 6,
8560 Wevelgem
opening hours icon Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 13h - 20h (Skate - BMX - inline)

Wednesday: 13h - 20h (Skate - BMX - inline)

Thursday: 13h - 20h (Skate - BMX - inline)

Friday: 13h - 19h (Skate - BMX - inline) AND 19h - 23h (Skateboard only)

Saturday: 10h - 14h (Skate - BMX - inline) AND 14h - 20h (Skateboard only)

Sunday: Closed
ramp quarterpipe icon Indoor entrance fee icon 8,5 EUR (With a reduction coupon of 5,0 EUR spendable in the SBQ Skateboutique with every paid entry.)
ramp quarterpipe icon

This park is dope. The main focus is on skateboarding but can be used for other urban sports such as inline skates and BMX. They don't allow steps, mountainbikes and motorbikes.
BMX only allowed without pegs.

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