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The Boneyard Skatepark, Turnhout     VALIDATED 

tape The Boneyard Skatepark
The Boneyard Skatepark
The Boneyard Skatepark
The Boneyard Skatepark
The Boneyard Skatepark
The Boneyard Skatepark

Skatespot info

location icon Steenweg op Oosthoven 23, 2300 Turnhout opening hours icon on request*
ramp quarterpipe icon Indoor entrance fee icon FREE!
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Skatepark The Boneyard is operated by Yardkeepers vzw. The indoor park has been around for more than 10 years now. The park has of course been rebuilt several times.

The skate park consists of 3 areas: the first one is the "small hall" which is a Street course with basic ramps for new tricks to learn or improve. The second one is the "Large hall", and the word says it itself: Bigger ramps, faster speed and therefore the sickest tricks. Last but not least you have the "Mini hall". That's the (actually not so small) miniramp with a surface of 10 by 10 meters, This halfpipe has different heights that can be shredded separately or all at once.

*IMPORTANT: There are no fixed opening hours. This indoor skatepark works together with the local skate shop "Woodz" at this address:

Leopoldstraat 13, 2300 Turnhout

Here, everyone of age 16 and older can get the key for the entrance. The key must be returned before the shop closes. BMX is not allowed except on fridays.

There's no entrance fee. You pay with RESPECT!

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