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Hagewijkpark skatepark, Dendermonde     VALIDATED 

tape Hagewijkpark skatepark
Hagewijkpark skatepark
Hagewijkpark skatepark
Hagewijkpark skatepark

Skatespot info

location icon Hagewijkpark, 9200 Dendermonde opening hours icon always
ramp quarterpipe icon Outdoor entrance fee icon 0 EUR
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This park is dope. It came to life in 2018. They knew what they were doing on this park!! It has up to 7 lines to skate. The designer of this park is Luka Melloni (2013 skateboard champion of Spain). This park has some sick banks and quarters with some nice rails to grind, and a four stair to pop some sick tricks off.

Photo credits: Vulcano skateparks.

User content

Bs 50-50 by Stefaan Van Heesvelde at Skatepark Grembergen Photo by @lottekills

skateboard icon  Stefaan Van Heesvelde

photographer icon  @lottekills
Bs nosegrind by Quentin Slootmaekers at Skatepark Grembergen Photo by @lottekills

skateboard icon  Quentin Slootmaekers

photographer icon  @lottekills
Ollie by Michael Mattez at Skatepark Grembergen Photo by @lottekills

skateboard icon  Michael Mattez

photographer icon  @lottekills

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