Are we allowed to go to the skatepark?

UPDATE: 25/05

Outdoor skateparks are open! Altough there are some rules to take into account, most outdoor skateparks are open again.
IMPORTANT: In some cases you need to make reservations before you can go to the park. Check the website of your town to see if this applies for you.

UPDATE: 03/04

All the measures against the spreading of the Corona virus are extended until April 19th at least. In other words: Stay home! Stay Safe!

UPDATE: 16/03

This afternoon the Belgian government decided that all sports activities, practiced in group as well as individually are not allowed anymore due to the measures against the spreading of the Corona virus. So unfortunately all skateparks are (or should be) closed untill further notice :(

Please note that opening hours of the skateparks that are displayed on our website may not be correct due to the measures against the Corona virus.

According to government restrictions and guidelines all indoor skateparks should be closed until the end of March at least. For outdoor locations the guidelines are not so clear. We believe that decisions about these locations are made at municipal level and may vary from town to town. In some cities we know that skaters are being sent away by the police. Other places are supervised and you're allowed to skate as long as you're not in a group of more than 5 people. Some other skateparks are simply open to the crowd...

In the next couple of hours and days we will try to create a map, showing the regions where you're able to go to the park or not. Keep checking! We will update this page regularly with more information and guidelines!

skatespots map corona skateparks We will update this map frequently. Do you have more information? let us know at

Stay safe!


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